Collegiate Partners are more than 470 postsecondary institutions that agree to treat scholarships awarded through Scholarship America programs fairly.

cp_directory_2011.jpgTo ensure that these scholarships help meet students' unmet financial needs, Collegiate Partners agree to distribute these scholarships without reducing a student's financial aid package. If there is no unmet need, Collegiate Partners will use up to $2,500 of a scholarship to reduce the self-help portion (loan, work-study, etc.) of a student's financial aid package.

Finally, some Collegiate Partners agree to match scholarships from Dollars for Scholars chapters and other Scholarship America programs, up to a specific dollar amount. All told, in fiscal year 2010, more than 38,000 students attended Collegiate Partner institutions, bringing $50 million in scholarship awards to those schools.

To find Collegiate Partner institutions near you, search for Collegiate Partners or download our most recent Collegiate Partners Directory. To learn more about the program benefits - and to meet Jason, whose $500 scholarship turned into $4,000 worth of aid thanks to his attending a Matching Partner college-download the Collegiate Partners overview sheet.