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Named Scholarship Donor

Le Sueur-Henderson Dollars for Scholars is offering an incentive program in which we are adding an additional 50% to all continuous scholarships of $300-$1000 given in the name of your business, organization, in memory of or in honor of an individual!   You must have a scholarship through us for 1 year before being eligible and it must be a continuing scholarship.  Therefore, scholarships of $300 become $450, $650 becomes $975, and scholarships of $1000 become $1500 in your name.  Please note: $500.00 is the maximum amount we are adding at this time per donor or organization, and is limited by our proceeds from the Phone-A-Thon.  If you currently give 2 or more named scholarships, we will split the additional amount up to $500.00 between them or as you choose. 

Sponsor Donor

Sponsorships on our Dollars for Scholars website are easy and valuable.  They are available on the lower right side of the homepage and each interior page of the chapter website. See Below.

We will place your LOGO and a LINK to your website on your desired page. You may not advertise a special, coupon, or other promotion on our website.

HOMEPAGE only:  $50/month or $100/quarter or $300/year.

1 INTERIOR PAGE only:  $30/month or $60/quarter or $180/year.


General Fund Donor

A donation of any amount used to help fund Dollars for Scholars scholarships.

Any amount is greatly appreciated!!



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Dollars for Scholars cannot accept politcal advertisements or sponsorships.

Dollars for Scholars will accept other sponsors at our sole discretion.